I walked through
the Greenwich Tunnel
and took a picture every three steps, producing
pictures in five minutes.

Try to imagine. Placing these pictures in the place where they were taken and enlarging them to the actual size of the tunnel. Viewed from a distance, this is a tunnel but cut into the
. I try to
the equal time within the space of tunnel, when I took the picture and walked as the same time. This is the action to
the coherent tunnel into photographs. Furthermore, those photos could be seen as the separation of
time and space

Interestingly, I found the
of taking photos in the tunnel is very similar to other action of cutting a cucumber, so I combined these two seemingly unrelated behaviors into a short film. I enjoy working with a variety of mediums. Therefore, I found a connection between the elements of audio and visual so I did a montages technique into my film. All in all, I took cucumber as the
experimental object
to develop the relationship between
space and time
, deconstruction and reconstitution in various ways.