红秀 × 曾可妮 - 视频剪辑
GRAZIA × Celebrity ZengKeni - film editing
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四方软核艺术节 - 视觉形象系统设计
Sifang Super Softmuseum - visual identify system 

“Sifang Super Softmuseum 艺术节”是一个超级松弛、轻软、包容的艺术事件,一座闹市间浮现的流态美术馆。基于南京四方当代美术馆的当代艺术语境,向各种泛艺术、设计、创意类型的奇人趣物/事开放,结合展览、讲座、市集、音乐、手作、潮玩、运动等形态,开启一次从老山降临城市的晚春奇遇。
"Sifang Super Softmuseum Art Festival" is a super relaxed, soft and inclusive art event, a flowing art gallery emerging from the downtown area. Based on the contemporary art context of Nanjing Sifang Museum of Contemporary Art, it is open to all kinds of strange people and exciting things of Pan art, design and creative types. Combined with exhibitions, lectures, markets, music, handworks, fashion games, sports and other forms, it opens a late spring adventure coming to the city from the old mountains.

2020伦敦金史密斯研究生设计毕业展 - 海报设计
Goldsmiths, university of London MA degree show - posters
(Duarte Ferreira, Rachel Q, Priscillia Chauveau, Jenny Miao)

"Found in Translation" - From design concept to visual presentation is a kind of translation, and from self-exploration to public expression as well. Here, the design atmosphere is both serious and lively, rigorous and open, so we decided to focus on the black-and-white tone with the vivid foot motions. Last but not least, rather than shuffling to find the truth, students are more likely to explore the design with their dancing feet!

品牌设计 - angle空间咨询
ang/e - branding system

/斜杠意为不被定义,也指空间平面图纸上的简符。 推开一扇扇门,半地下室可能是工作室的藏匿处,不起眼的旧工厂可能是秀场的雏形,亦或街头转角处的老房是被阳光溢满的公寓。

/ slash means not defined, and also refers to the abbreviation on spatial plan drawings. Open one door after another, a half-basement may become a studio, a humble old factory may be the prototype of a show, or an old house on the street corner may be a sun-drenched apartment.

ang/e is a small and beautiful space, a consulting firm, in view of the central Shanghai ang/e is a small but beautiful space consulting company, aiming at high-end fashion residential and creative office space in downtown Shanghai, providing customers with quality options and solutions, and exploring more possibilities of space through angle change.

品牌设计 - 妖精的口袋
Branding - ELFSACK 
as inhouse designer
cooperation with ELF shanghai team
主要负责品牌大季度物料 VI 更新,包含线下手拎袋、节日礼盒、季度包装更新等系统性视觉设计。
1.Visual identity design:
Mainly responsible for VI update, including visual identity design such as offline handbag, holiday gift box and quarterly packaging update.
2. Promotion Design:
Daily public account tweets, long text design output; design for the new season clothes promotion; Theme poster design and so on publicity design content, synchronization in Taobao Tmall little red book and other platforms.
3.Motion design:
To marketing hot video production, motion poster design, etc.

黄瓜漫游奇遇记 - 网页设计/影像制作/视觉实验
Qucumber’s Adventure in Flatland - web/film/visual experiments
该项目旨在以黄瓜为工具,围绕不同的维度,时间和空间的思考构建拟像。同时,这与无意识训练及其背后逻辑框架有关,是一次寻找自己的创作逻辑的实验。最后结合让·鲍德里亚的拟像四原则的框架,设计出一个网站 https://qucumber.club/ 来归纳分类整个项目作为产出。
It is about using the cucumber, doing unconscious training and exploring the correlated action logic, as well as looking for my methodology of creation, combining the framework of “Orders of Simulacra” by Jean Baudrillard, and designing a website as my outcome to organize the whole process.

人工辨认智能 - 书籍设计/影像制作
Aidentify - publication/film
The project revolves around distinguishing artificial intelligence from humans, organizing related knowledge, and ultimately designing a book and film. This book and movie intended to be an objective statement, and give the audience infinite reveries about intelligent distinctions.

Did Philip Dream of His Success? - 书籍设计
Did Philip Dream of His Success? - publication
本书收集了“Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?”(仿生人会梦见电子羊吗)自1920年来各地发行的153个版本的封面,而作者Philip本人可能也没有料想到他的作品对后世的影响之深,即为本书英文对仗名称“Did Philip Dream of His Success?”。此外本书封面选取了小说最经典一章节,是书籍内容与封面的一次置换。
This book collects the covers of 153 editions of "Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?" that have been released all over the world, and the author Philip himself may not have expected the depth of the influence his work. And that is why this book called "Did Philip Dream of His Success?". Besides, the cover design selects the most classic chapter of the novel, which is a replacement of the book content and the cover.

解放咪咪 - 品牌设计
Free the nipple - branding VI
Free the nipple is about the liberation of consciousness, which is confidence, beauty and health. This project designed a set of visual identity for a virtual organization. It is not to preach that women should go out topless, but to discuss more possibilities. When I don't want to wear underwear, then I don't. When my chest expands, then let it grow freely. Imagine that one day we feel that girls shirtless is no big deal like boys, then this mosaic that hinders the progress of civilization can be erased.

金鱼缸中之脑 - 海报设计
Brain in a fishbowl - poster
This project is inspired by the "goldfish bowl effect" in the book "The Grand Design" written by Stephen Hawking. What he mentioned in his book is if the world seen by a goldfish is refracted and unreal, then the world seen by the human eye may also be unreal. He has raised three questions in his book. Then I combined his idea with my understanding to complete a set of visual document and finally came out as posters with three related topics to respond his questions……more

观众 - 影像制作/行为表演
Audiences - film/performance
(Rachel QIU, Priscillia Chauveau, Georgette newman)
The film itself is a kind of record, and the projection is transmission. The superposition of the two will produce an incredible "time difference" in the space. When the images are continuously overlapped, there will be countless audiences.

宇宙中三种最热门的打招呼方式 - 影像/行为表演
Three of the most popular languages to say how r u - film/performance
Nod, smile, touch elbow, shake hands, wave and say hello.
Lie down, squat, stand up, spin, dance around and say hi.
Long time no see. How are you?

“一定是外面出了问题” - 摄影
“There must be something wrong outside” - photography

一切死亡都有冗长的回声 - 影视制作
Echo of Death - film
这个项目源于北岛的诗歌《一切》,特别是最后一句话“一切死亡都有冗长的回声”,他的诗有种让我保持平静的魔力。 因此,我以我的方式向他致敬。
This project originated from Beidao's poem "ALL", especially the last sentence "All death has a prolonged echo", which has the magic of making me calm. Thus, I pay tribute to him in my way.